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For the healthy environment for human beings

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For the healthy environment for human beings


  • Water-Solube Chitosan

    Water soluble chitosan
    chitosan can be found in shrimp, crab shell, squid bone, etc. It is nonpoisonous, bio comparable, antibacterial and effective in stopping bleeding, decreasing cholesterol, metabolizing in the intestine, preventing cancer by increasing immunity, improving liver function and lowering blood sugar. However, chitosan is not water soluble and is hard apply to various industrial fields. Therefore, water-soluble chitosan can be easily applied to a wide range of areas including foods, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, agriculture, environment and bio engineering.
    1. Appearance: white or light yellow powder
    2. Molecular weight: 10,000~100,000
    3. Heavy metal:〈 Pb 2 wt%, < As 1wt%
    4.4. Glucosamine : 〉70%〉70%
    1. High solubility
    2. Remarkable antibacterial performance
    3. Easy to control molecular weight
    natural food additives, raw materials for functional fiber, raw materials for health functional foods, raw materials for fertilizer, raw materials for cosmetics
  • Chitosan Oligosaccaride

    Chitosan oligosaccaride
    chitosan is broken down into chitosan oligosaccharide by enzyme with the molecular weight of less than 2,000. Therefore, the product shows high absorption rate in the body and is effective in preventing high blood pressure and increasing immunity.
    1. Appearance: light yellow or yellow powder
    2. Particle size: 〈100 mash
    3. Coliform group: negative
    4. Moisture: 〈10%
    5. Heavy metal: 〈 Pb 2 wt%, < As 1wt%
    6. Ash : 〈 0.5%
    7. Chitosan oligosaccharide content: 〉60%
    1. High purity
    2. oligosaccharide hydrochloride 80% and more, oligosaccharide anhydride 70% and more
    3. Effective in controlling cholesterol, increasing immunity, decreasing blood pressure and vitalizing physiology
    functional foods, natural pesticides, additives for fodder
  • Fish Collagen

    Fish collagen
    Collagen is fiber protein of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish and organizes inter-linkage of skin, tendon, bone and brain. And collagen peptide is a low molecular form of collagen with high digestion and absorption rate. Its molecular weight is 1,000 and less. It is applied to foods and cosmetics.
    1. Appearance: Milky powder
    2. Net protein content: >90%
    3. Particle size:〈100 mash
    4. Heavy metal:〈 Pb 0.5wt%, Hg 0.1wt%,
    5. Moisture:〈 5%
    1. Structure of body and organ
    2. Vitalizing cell functionality
    3. Increasing cells
    4. Strengthening immunity
    5. Transparent bandage for cornea
    6. Stopping bleeding (induce platelet coagulation)
    7. Hypodermic medicine (for the purpose of cosmetic surgery)
    food additives, raw materials for cosmetics, raw materials for medical supplies
  • Lotus Leaf Complex Extract

    Lotus leaf complex extract
    Contains lotus leaf extract and organic acid, it is harmless to the human body and breaks down naturally. It does not create resistant strain and shows high monovalence, which makes it useful as a safe and exceptional antimicrobial available at low price. Also, because it does not affect the flavor of the completed product, it can be effectively used in wide varieties of beverages and foods.
    1. Appearance: Light brown or brown solution
    2. pH : 2~4
    3. Heavy metals : Pb 〈10ppm, As 〈 5ppm, Cd 〈 0.3ppm 4. 4. Tar: Not detected
    1. It is safe even with change is temperature, humidity, or pH
    2. It has outstanding antibiotic effects
    3. It is a natural preservative, harmless to the human body
    It is a food ingredient which can be applied to both beverages and foods.

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